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Answers to our visitors' most frequently asked questions.


How do I get to the Wildwoods?
The Wildwoods are just about a tank of gas and less than a day’s drive for over 30 million people in a 300-mile radius.

From Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Points North, South, West, From the Garden State Parkway, Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Atlantic City Airport

From Philadelphia:  Atlantic City Expressway to Exit 7S - Garden State Parkway South.  Garden State Parkway - Exit 6 to North Wildwood, Exit 4A to Wildwood and Wildwood Crest.

From Points North:  Garden State Parkway South - Exit 6 to North Wildwood, Exit 4A to Wildwood and Wildwood Crest

From Points South:  Cape May-Lewes Ferry to Cape May.  Follow signs to The Wildwoods via Garden State Parkway North to Exit 4A.

Cape May County Airport:  Located just 6 miles from The Wildwoods. Available for private plane landings. 609-889-0300.

How far is Wildwood, NJ?
See the chart below to track the approximate milage to the Wildwoods from these locations:

Philadelphia                                       87 miles                                              Harrisburg                           172 miles

New York                                             150 miles                                             Trenton                                102 miles

Baltimore                                            144 miles                                             Atlantic City                        44 miles

Washington, DC                                182 miles                                             Montreal                             572 miles

Pittsburgh                                           344 miles                                             Quebec                                737 miles

Cleveland                                            407 miles                                             Toronto                                595 miles

Wilmington                                         88 miles                                              Virginia Beach                   235 miles


Do I need to purchase a beach tag for Wildwoods beaches?
There are NO BEACH FEES in the Wildwoods.  No glass containers, barbecues or alcohol permitted.  Beach access is restricted 10:00pm to 6:00am from May through September.

When are Lifeguards on duty?
Lifeguards are on duty from 10:00am to 5:30pm in season, Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Who can I contact for Handicapped Beach Transport or First Aid Assistance on the beach?

North Wildwood:
Transport and surf chairs at First Aid Station at 15th Avenue and Beach. Call 609-522-7500.
Lifeguard headquarters at Lincoln Avenue and Beach for First Aid. Call 609-522-8258.
For Handicapped Beach Transport, call Wildwood Beach Taxi at 609-846-2012.
Wildwood Crest:
Contact lifeguard headquarters at Rambler Road and Beach at 609-522-3825.

Where are the surfing beaches located?

North Wildwood: Call Beach Patrol at 609-522-7500 for locations.
Wildwood: Permitted on Burk Avenue.
Wildwood Crest: Permitted on Rambler/Orchid Roads, Myrtle/Primrose Roads, Cardinal/Sweetbriar Roads, Crocus/Aster Roads.

Where can I play volleyball on the beach?

North Wildwood: Call Beach Patrol at 609-522-7500 for locations.
Wildwood: Every 3 blocks
Wildwood Crest: Crocus Road


When are parking meters turned on and off for the season?
Parking meters are on and must be paid through the following*:

North Wildwood: May 15th through last Sunday in October
Wildwood: May 15th through October 31st
Wildwood Crest: May 15th through September 15th
*Subject to change. Be sure to check signage by meters when parking.


Where are public restrooms located on the island?
For your comfort and convenience, public restrooms are located:

North Wildwood: Located at 7th Avenue & Kennedy Drive, Lifeguard Headquarters at 15th Avenue & Beach, 25th Avenue & Boardwalk, Olde New Jersey Avenue & Seawall. Portable bathrooms on beach every 3-4 blocks in season.

Wildwood: Located on the boardwalk at Glenwood, Schellenger, Roberts and Bennett Avenues.
Wildwood Crest: Located at Rambler Road and the Beach.


Where are the local recreation centers located and how can I contact each?

North Wildwood: 9th and Central Avenues 609-522-2955
Wildwood: 401 W. Young Avenue 609-522-5837
Wildwood Crest: 5800 Ocean Avenue 609-523-0202


Where are the recreational sports courts throughout the island?

Wildwood Crest: Ocean Avenue between Cardinal & Aster Avenues

North Wildwood: 7th & Central Avenues, 22nd and Delaware Avenues
Wildwood: 401 W. Young Avenue, Montgomery & Ocean Avenues
Wildwood Crest:  Heather & Ocean Avenues

North Wildwood: Allen Park, 22nd & Delaware Avenue

North Wildwood: 23rd & Delaware Avenue

Bicycles are allowed on the Wildwoods Boardwalk from 5am to 1pm daily.

Bike Paths: North Wildwood - beachfront from 5th Avenue to 20th Avenue. There is also a bike path along Surf Avenue.  Wildwood Crest - Cresse Avenue to Rambler Road along the beachfront, and on Seaview Avenue from Rambler Road to Jefferson Avenue.

Bicycles can be rented at many locations along or near the Boardwalk.  Skateboards, mopeds, motorcycles, scooters and go-carts are prohibited on the Wildwoods Boardwalk from April 30 through October l.

Wildwood: Leaming Avenue & the Boardwalk
Wildwood Crest:  Between Columbine & Wisteria Avenues (between tennis courts)

5th Avenue and the Bay in North Wildwood. Launching fee.
Boat launching also available at marinas.

North Wildwood: 22nd & Delaware Avenues
Wildwood: Montgomery & Atlantic Avenues
Wildwood Crest: Ocean Avenue between Columbine & Wisteria Avenues



Bill Henfey Park & Playground: 8th & Central Avenues
16th Street Playground: 16th Avenue beside the Boardwalk
Allen Park & Playground: 22nd & Delaware Avenues
Hereford Lighthouse Park & Gardens: 154 Central Avenue
Margaret Mace Park: Walnut & Central Avenues
Passive Park: 2nd & Surf Avenues

Columbus Park: Burk & Ocean Avenues
Fox Park & Playground: Davis & Atlantic Avenues
Fountain Park: Glenwood & Pacific Avenues
Holly Beach Park: Andrews Avenue between New Jersey & Pacific Avenues
Fountain Park: Poplar & New York Avenues
Corner of 26th & Pacific Avenues
William H. Bright Memorial Park: New Jersey & Magnolia Avenues

World War II Memorial Park: Columbine & Atlantic Avenues
Scoop Taylor Park & Playground: Crocus & Ocean Avenues
Centennial Park: Fern Road & Ocean Avenue
Miami & New Jersey Avenues
Newark Avenue off of Bay Drive
Flacco Park Playground: Rambler Road & Ocean Avenue


What is the sales tax in the Wildwoods?
All Sales are subject to a 6.625% state sales tax plus an additional local tourism tax of 2% on some tourism related sales.

Sales tax on many retail items is reduced to 3.3125% at participating businesses within the Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ).

Total sales tax imposed by the State of New Jersey on overnight accommodations is 13.625%. (6.625% state sales tax + 2% Wildwood tourism tax + 1.85% Wildwood tourism assessment + 3.15% state occupancy fee).

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